New Platforms for Brands

It seems like every day a new social media platform is launched and touted as ‘the next one to watch’ but Mashable has compiled a list of the top 5 that brands should be engaging with. Here are my top picks from this list:


Vine is a mobile app that allows users to create six-second clips of looped video. It was launched by Twitter last month and nearly doubled its monthly users from January to February. As a user of Vine, I agree with Mashable’s point that Urban Outfitters have used the app to their full advantage – they highlight products but also include brand values through concert clips, funny moments and cute snippets (as seen in their first post of dogs).

I think it will be interesting to see what brands do with Vine as the 6-second constraint will force to expand their imaginations and allow users to see behind the brand.


Personally, I have never heard of this app but from reading the quick synopsis I think it is perfectly suited for brands. Here is a video from their website that shows what they’re all about:

It basically allows a user to post a photo of anything and receive instant feedback from real people around the world. What more could you ask for as a brand? This allows for feedback before launching products or opinions on old products and whether they should stay on the market.

Even if a brand isn’t suited to these apps, it’s important that they keep an eye on trends and know what their customers are into and following because as I mentioned, every day something new comes up.



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