Digital Marketers’ New BFF: Google Insights

Google has just launched a new tool for marketers and agencies called Think Insights. Google’s official blog says “you can learn about the latest research in digital marketing, be inspired by creative brand campaigns, and find useful products and tools”. This provides an invaluable resource for marketers with the opportunity to browse campaigns, case studies, analytics and interviews with innovators and experts. The information provided from Think Insights spans across various industries and will no doubt come in handy in any marketing brief.

Screenshot of GI Homepage

Screenshot of GI Homepage

Not only are all the aspects of Think Insights helpful and informative, but the sight itself is simple and easy to maneuver as you would expect from Google. The homepage, available here, is clean, eye-catching and provides you with interesting facts from the get-go. On my first look at the page I found out that 1 in 3 consumers would rather give up television than their smartphone, 86% of students supplement course material with research they find on their own and 77% of viewers use another device while watching TV. Along with these facts are links to download reports and references to where  the information was found. The middle of the page, called The Spotlight, features articles from around the web about different topics relevant to marketing. Along the top is Industries, where you can filter what you’re looking for, Marketing Objectives, to do things such as ‘build awareness’, and Creative Sandbox, the best part in my opinion, which is “a showcase of marketing campaigns that blend creative genius with digital innovation. See cool stuff. Learn how it was done.”.

As a budding marketer I can’t think of much more I could ask for in an online resource and it is safe to say I’ve already signed up for the newsletter.







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