Customer Service Through Social Media

Before social media became as big as it is today, consumers would most likely call or email customer service departments to handle their problems, enquiries and complaints. Now, almost every brand, organisation, restaurant and franchise has their own social media page with direct access to customers. This has a lot of positive implications because a brand can create content and marketing strategies aimed at those who already express interest in their busines but it seems that a lot of organisations are focusing too much on marketing and not enough on customer service. Adrian Snood looks into this in his article for Social Media Today.

Image from Mashable

Image from Mashable

All it takes is one unsatisfied customer to post on a brand’s Facebook or Twitter account for other potential customers to search for other alternatives. This means that an organisation needs to remain constant online and always handle customer complaints. A classic example of a customer complaint getting out of hand and becoming viral online is United Airlines Breaks Guitars where a passenger on a UA flight had the unfortunate experience of his baggage being mishandled anhis guitar being broken. Had the company responded to the passenger he may have just taken his compensation and been satisfied but instead he was ignored and created a YouTube video that to date has had over 12 million views. A report by NM Incite in 2012 found that 71% of those who experienced positive social care are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers that do not receive any response. This just goes to show that remaining present online and proactive in dealing with unhappy customers can really go a long way. By focusing more on customer service rather than marketing, an organisation can actually cause better marketing tactics through positive word of mouth.


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