Twitter Rewards Good Content

“At a high level, it comes down to two things. On Twitter you can be fast, or you can be good, and sometimes you can be fast and good,” he added. “What we stress first and foremost is the content as the ad unit itself looks and feels like organic content. You can’t really use the platform if you’re not organically good on the platform.”

Twitter’s president of global revenue, Adam Bain, recently announced some changes to the way Twitter handles its advertising (such as Promoted Tweets). His main point was that it isn’t enough to just be loud on Twitter but to also have good content to back it up. He pointed out the example of Oreo at the Superbowl this year with their fast-acting tactics which received over 10,000 retweets. One change that Bain has announced,in conjunction with Nielsen, is to include Twitter data with TV ratings to create a better understanding of reach and engagement for TV shows. Up to 95% of social conversations about TV happen on Twitter.

This will allow both marketing companies and TV executives to get a better understanding of which shows are doing well and for what reason and vice versa. This announcement is exciting for marketers and researches and is definitely something to keep an eye out for this year.




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